Daisy and Delilah from Sister Reunion

Every honest man over the age of eighteen will freely admit that he has fantasized about fucking a pair of twins. Most guys are even willing to lower their standard to fuck a set of ugly twins. Well, at Sister Reunion we have two of the hottest identical twins any man has ever jammed his cock into. Meet Delilah and Daisy, the Love Twins! These two Boricuas love getting fucked by the same thick cock at the same time! If you have a hard time telling which whore is Delilah, keep in mind that Daisy is the one who loves to lick assholes. One of the few great pleasures in life, something every man should experience at least once, is having Daisy rimming his ass while he choke-fucks her sister Delilah with his hand wrapped around her throat. Your membership allows you to cum as often as you like on these two filthy identical whores!.
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