Ashli and Britney from Sister Reunion

Ashli and Britney have been getting boned by boyz together ever since they turned eighteen. In the rural South that isn’t so unusual, but now Ashli thinks she has found her one true love and doesn’t want to share him with Britney at all! We had both of these sluts visit the studio to see if we might be able to help them resolve their disagreements but about half-way through the sucking and fucking Ashli started to get really selfish with their costar’s cock and Britney wasn’t having ANY of it. These two sexy sisters may never speak to each other again, but don’t worry… we captured every moment of the action and the messy break-up LIVE. At Sister Reunion we focus on showing the honest truth about families. Sometimes they get along great, and sometimes they don’t… but it’s always way more interesting when they’re really sexy and totally naked!
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